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We provide new installation fabrication, and metal finishing services, plus repairs and restoration. Our specialities include: apartment buildings, high rises, store fronts, club houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We work closely with Home Owners Associations and similar groups. If you’re ready for a specialist and stair railing installers for your large scale projects that require professional care, you’re ready for SGR.

Hand railings provide you with any support and stability you may need when you’re on the move, ascending or descending the stairs. They are meant to prevent injurious falls. Apart from the protective roles of stairs railings, most homeowners would undoubtedly consider syle as the second most important element to consider if one would desire to accompany a good stairway with voguish railings. Whatever the case is, railing installations are never meant to be done on your own especially if you lack the skills and knowledge to bring your ideal results into life. For this to happen, you need professional help from Stair Railing Installers to do the job that ends with your dream stairways fashioned with railings that perfectly fits your preference. We provide you with the safe and beautiful hand railings that your project requires. Is your project calling for a bright and clean look or a dark and mysterious one? We help you match the railing aesthetic to your space! At Stairs Gates Railings, we get the fabrication done correctly and install the component into your home on time.


Use Your Hand Railing To Match Your Space

Hand railings provide a layer of safety for those walking along a stairway, deck, or platform. While providing safety, they can also provide the aesthetic that your home or commercial space needs. If your space aesthetic is white, clean, and modern, you may consider going for a similar aesthetic for the hand railing. This way, it matches the room nicely and looks pleasing to the eye. 


Whether you want it to blend in, or stand out, we can work together to provide the needed look. Our professionals at Stairs Gates Railings will help you match the look you desire while also providing a safe, sturdy, and maintenance free hand railing for your space. Contact us today to learn more about what type of hand railings and other features we can offer you.


Hand Railings Safety

The most important job for hand railings is to keep people safe. At Stairs Gates Railings we make sure that your project is not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe. Here are some benefits that hand railings gives you:


  • Helps your balance. Going across platforms or moving along staircases can occasionally be tricky. By gripping onto hand railings, you can steadily move along without the fear of falling.
  • To prevent falling. Hand railings can act as a barrier, guided support, or both. Hand railings are especially important for children and elderly, as they can be more prone to falling or losing their balance.
  • To provide comfort. If you’re prone to falling or losing balance, hand railings provide the extra safety you may need. They’re not always a necessity for navigation, but are very helpful in areas that could be tricky to navigate for some people.


Hand railings can be extremely important for safety. At Stairs Gates Railings, we can provide you the hand railing you need for your project. Contact us today!


#1 Hand Railing Installers in Miami Florida

When it comes to hand railings, our priority is first-class functionality, combined with stunning form. While some companies stop short of the basics, we like to consider some of the more overlooked things – like infill! Often ignored, this small detail can be the difference between a handrail that clashes with your décor, confusing the eye instead of flowing and enhancing the space.


Our design team is ready to discuss your project and design a hand railing that is as safe as it is beautiful. We work with aluminum and stainless steel and a range of finishes from milled and polished, to powder coated. From artistry to simple, indoor and out, lets talk about what you need when it comes to hand railings and other metal fabrication services.



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