We provide new installation and metal fabrication services, plus repairs and restoration. Our specialities include: apartment buildings, high rises, store fronts, club houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We work closely with Home Owners Associations and similar groups. If you’re ready for a specialist in large scale projects that require professional care, you’re ready for SGR.



Without the perfect finishing, even the best fabrication job can fall flat. Stairs Gates Railings will work with you to make sure that your job is safe, sturdy, and adds just the right amount of personal touch to your indoor or outdoor space. After working with you to make the design perfect, we will consult with you to put on the finishing touches. Choose from sleek and polished, to a rugged steel, or the many finishing that we have available: 

  • Mill and Polished Finishes: Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Nickel Plating: Stainless Steel
  • Primed, Electrostatic Paint, and Powder Coat: Steel, Aluminum & Cast Iron
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized: Steel

Mill and Polished Finishes: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Our cleanly polished stainless steel and aluminum finishes are perfect for a sleek and futuristic look. The mill finish is a bright and cold-rolled finish that resembles a hazy piece of glass or mirror. It is perfect to be used just as is and is ideal for outdoor railings or gates. Mill and polished finishes do not usually come with a protective coating. This finish may show marks from handling and shearing for a rugged steel outdoor finish.

Brushed Nickel Plating:

This bright finish features a directional grain that will point in one direction. This textured look prevents a reflection like looking in a mirror. This sleek finish is found mostly in kitchen appliances and can bring a sophisticated indoor or outdoor look to your staircase, railing, or gate. 

Primed, Electrostatic Paint and Powder Coat: Steel, Aluminum & Cast Iron:

Electrostatic painting and powder coating is a process in which the positively charged paint attracts and bonds with the negatively charged metal surface. This magnet effect allow the paint to cover all sides of your product for a perfect coat of paint. Count on this process for a very high quality Finish,In Glossy ,Satin & Flat.This is the most desired Finishing that can be found on a Majority of factory manufactured finished goods. These results cannot be obtained  by regular spray or hand painting application, its the most durable coat of paint for your steel, aluminum or cast iron. This option allows you to customize your finishing to suit your any need with whichever color best fits your space. Best of all, the firmly bonded paint adds an extra layer of protection. This additional layer prevents corrosion, and will increase the lifespan of your product. 

Hot Dipped Galvanized: Steel

Hot dipped galvanization is the process in which our iron or steel product is coated in zinc. The zinc alloys with the base metal in order to protect the steel or iron underneath. This application is widely used to prevent corrosion, and will save you money by adding to the life cycle of your product. It is the safest method to get the most life out of your outdoor stairs, railings or gates.   


After your job is designed, we will consult with you to ensure your job has nothing but the correct finishing touches. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and rugged outdoor look, or sleek and elegant Stainless Steel for indoors, we will help you to choose the best option to suit your personal style, and is ideal for your space. In fact, we’ll even add that finishing touch to someone else’s product! Stairs Gates and Railings offers finishing for any product whether it is ours or not. Count on our metal fabrication services to match already existing work seamlessly, whether we designed it, or not.



From brawny to beautiful, we work with your building to create railing solutions that are pleasing on the eye, without sacrificing the safety needs of your space. Do you need an intricate design for a boutique hotel, or a plain strong presence along a boulevard or condo? Does your project call for a vintage finish, or a futuristic shine? Is the décor dark and mysterious, or bright and sterile? No matter what you need, our customized railings will bring your vision to life. We work with aluminum, stainless steel and glass, and a range of finishes. And of course, everything is fabricated to precision standards and installed on time.




When it comes to hand railings, our priority is first-class functionality, combined with stunning form. While some companies stop short of the basics, we like to consider some of the more overlooked things – like infill! Often ignored, this small detail can be the difference between a handrail that clashes with your décor, confusing the eye instead of flowing and enhancing the space. Our design team is ready to discuss your project and design a hand railing that is as safe as it is beautiful. We work with aluminum and stainless steel and a range of finishes from milled and polished, to powder coated. From artistry to simple, indoor and out, lets talk about what you need when it comes to hand railings and other metal fabrication services.





Tradeshows, showrooms, car yards, catwalks and crossovers, nothing commands more attention than the mighty mezzanine. But there’s a fine line between a mezzanine that enhances, and one that takes over like a thundercloud. And while it may be fine for a workshop, an eyesore is not always what you want on display. So come and talk to us today about your vision and let us customize and install a sturdy and appealing mezzanine that elevates your space to new heights, no matter how high the expectation!





Add architectural flair or functional elevation with a strong, customized staircase. For work spaces, we’ll fabricate your staircase with your preferred skid resistant tread or specific angle to meet safety requirements and personal preference. And for commercial or residential buildings our team is ready to design and fabricate to your aesthetic and function specs. Short on space and need a spiral staircase to a specific diameter? It’s no problem! Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen with beauty and safety in mind. Indoor and out, we offer staircases in aluminum, steel, glass and stainless steel and a range of finishes to match your architectural project with our excellent metal fabrication services and solutions.



Classic, modern, plain or geometric! At SGR we know gates like the back of our hand. From secure gates like the Miami Dade County electronic gate, and industrial Sliders to grand driveways that need to be gated in style, our experts will work closely with you to design the gate that meets your goals in function and form. And when it comes to corrosion, you can rest assured that won’t be happening on our watch! We use high grade aluminum and steel and a range of corrosion resistant finishes.




Don’t be swayed by our existing projects, unlike many fabricators, we don’t restrict you to choosing from a catalogue of standard designs! We respect architecture as much as you do! If it’s steel, aluminum or stainless there’s no doubt, we can fabricate it! Talk to us today about what you need and lets make it happen. And the more interesting the better!



Create the perfect outdoor living area with beautiful, strong pergolas. Whether it’s a commercial location like a mall or garden bar, or residential space in the middle of a busy complex, our customized Pergolas create the perfect feel to your outside world. Large or small, talk to us about our aluminium or steel pergolas.



From the most delicate foliage to the heaviest vines, we’ll work with you to customize the right trellis for your property. As experts in structural engineering we can help you decide on the right size, shape and design of your trellis so that it stands the test of all seasons, and all plants! And yes, we can also fabricate large indoor vertical gardens for your shopping centre or hotel!



You can’t control the weather, but you can control the impact it has on your expensive land, building and equipment! Talk to us today about taking cover under one of our prefabricated awning solutions.



From the most immense wine racks and oversized wall art, to statuesque displays, there’s no ornament too big or grand for SGR! Tell us what you need so we can bring your architectural vision to metallic life! We’ll meet your design goals head on, and with the right finish to match. And of course, we’ll install your masterpiece securely, and on time for the grand opening! For ornamental design and other metal fabrication services, we work with steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.




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