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Pergola Installation – Aluminium & Steel

We provide pergola installation with canopies, custom metal fabrication services, plus repairs and restoration. Our specialities include: apartment buildings, high rises, store fronts, club houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We work closely with Home Owners Associations and similar groups. If you’re ready for a specialist in large scale projects that require professional care, you’re ready for SGR.

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space with a Custom Pergola


What is a Pergolas?


A pergola is a common structure that can be found in residential and commercial areas. While many residential pergolas are created from wood or other temporary materials, commercial pergolas often use aluminum and steel for a more permanent placement. At Stairs Gates Railings, we can help your business create an excellent outdoor space for clients, customers, employees, or products and equipment with a steel or aluminum pergola. 


Essentially, a pergola is a structure that is held up with wooden pillars and is topped with a steel or aluminum lattice on top. Most do not have a complete roof, and thus, can’t be used to completely block rain or sun, but do offer better protection than without a pergola in place. The appeal of a pergola is that it can be adjusted and adapted to your needs and offers an attractive look to your business. While some pergolas are freestanding constructions on their own, they are also commonly attached to exterior walls and given the nickname, “patio cover.”


Create a Unique Space for Your Business


One of the common uses for a pergola is to create an entertaining space for guests and customers. Since the structure does not have sides, it creates an open focal point that can assist in gathering people to an event. They can also add a sense of privacy and shade to those who use them and are excellent for creating outdoor dining areas. And many customers love the way vegetation climbs and creeps up and around the pergola, creating an enchanted garden look. 


Commercial Uses for a Pergola


  • Restaurant seating area
  • Partial shade to outdoor areas
  • Increased value to the building
  • Decorative displays and gardening
  • Entertainment venue


The Best Materials for Pergola Construction


Pergolas are a great choice for anyone, as it can be customized to fit sensible budgets. Generally, people buy wooden pergolas, but the choices of materials used for your pergola doesn’t stop there. In Florida, people may tend to lean towards aluminum and steel materials.


Aluminum Pergolas


Aluminum is a great option for building pergolas because of its light weight and lower maintenance than other materials. By using aluminum, you will have the ability to install the pergola in a much wider range of areas, like decks, rooftops, or docks. Due to the properties of the aluminum, this material is corrosion resistant, thus needing only periodic cleaning to keep them looking new and ready for entertainment. The cost of choosing aluminum is also a significant factor for many. You will be able to create an attractive pergola at a fraction of the cost of other materials, and it will likely require little maintenance and last for years.


Steel Pergolas


Similar to aluminum, steel is an excellent material because it can stand up to the elements. For places like Florida that have severe weather (like hurricanes), steel is an ideal construction material to withstand the winds and possible impact damage. Steel is able to withstand thousands of pounds of weight at once and thus able to last much longer when compared to other materials like wood, plastic, or aluminum. Additionally, steel pergolas are environmentally friendly and can be recycled into more steel once their use has ended.


Choose a Pergola Material That Will Last Throughout the Years


Lets face it. Florida is known for the harsh weather. From hours of direct sunlight and heat, to sudden downpours, and even extreme hurricanes, you need a pergola that can take a beating and keep on standing. While many pergolas are created from woods and plastics, they will be unable to withstand these elements and often require heavy maintenance, cleaning, and replacement. 


When you want to install a pergola as an investment that will last, choosing steel or aluminum is your best bet. These materials will hold up through some of the harshest of conditions and require very little maintenance afterward. With Stairs Gates and Railings, your investment will go towards a sturdy pergola that can provide your business and clients with years of enjoyment.


What Sets Us Apart From the RestStairs Gates and Railings is a custom metal fabrication company based in Miami, FL. We handle the design, fabrication, and installation of metal construction. When you want a pergola constructed on time and done right the first time, we are your team. We are also masters of customer service, having helped thousands of companies across the Miami area, including some well-known buildings like Trump Tower Condo, Miami Dade Aviation, and the Country of Palm Beach. Whether we are onsite at your location or you are visiting us, our customer service and attitude is always on point.



Want a Pergola That You Can Enjoy for Years?


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