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Metal Stair Fabrication in Miami FL

We provide new installation, fabrication, and metal finishing services, plus repairs and restoration. Our specialities include: apartment buildings, high rises, store fronts, club houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We work closely with Home Owners Associations and similar groups. If you’re ready for a metal stair fabrication specialist for your large scale projects that require professional care, you’re ready for SGR.

Metal Stair Fabrication

Need stair fabrication? Stairs Gates Railings can provide you excellent service to fit your needs. We love creating staircases and fabricating them to fit our customers needs. Our team will work with you to make sure you project is safe, sturdy, and adds your desired personal touch to the aesthetic of your outdoor or indoor space. We consult with you throughout the entire project to make sure we get the job done perfectly. At Stairs Gates Railings, we show up on time and treat your project with the utmost respect. 

Match It To Your Look

At SGR, we can help you match your staircase to your desired look. Are you interested in sleek and shiny? How about rusted steel? It’s important to match the staircase’s aesthetic to its surroundings. Our experts will happily consult with you to find the right match for your desired space. No matter how big the project, we’re willing to team with you and fulfill your dream look.

Why Use Metal Stair Fabrication?

A lot of people, especially companies with big buildings, prefer metal stairs. Why?

  • They’re easy to maintain. Because they are resistant to extreme stress and can survive excessive hot temperatures, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Metals are also very easy to clean, making them great for large structures.
  • They’re strong. Metal can withstand very heavy weight. They can also last a long time despite any harsh environment that they are in.
  • Metal stairs are easy to fabricate. A fabricator can customize it to any size, shape, or style desired. This allows freedom and many options for the perfect staircase!
  • Customized metal stair fabrication can fit into the design easily. There’s no need for reforming the structure to fit the stairs. With the proper professionals, your structure will be easy to complete!

Metal VS Wood Stairs

Metal and wood stairs both have their pros and cons. But why would you want metal over wood stairs?

  • Strength
  • Versatility
  • Quietness

Metal is strong material. They can hold weight much easier than wood. Over time, wood has the potential to break down. If you buy wood stairs, you’re more likely to make constant repairs that slowly add up! Metal doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You’re likely to save money and have safer stairs if you buy metal.

Metal can come in many finishes and fabrications. If you want a complex style or size, choose metal!

Ever walk up old wood staircase? If you hear a creaking noise, you might feel unsafe of the stability and worry about being quiet. When wood gets old, they do tend to make creaking noises. The loudness can be disturbing not only if you’re trying to be quiet but if you’re worried about it breaking. Metal never has this problem. Metal is quiet and doesn’t creak upon overusage.

Call us to pick out the metal staircase of your desire and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Choose SGR?

Trust us, we know how many other options are out there. But we’re experienced enough to know that there is no other place like Stairs Gates Railings. Our company has become known for being pleasurable to work with. When on site, respect for customers and contractors is #1 priority. 

Per the name, our passion is Stairs, Gates, and Railings. We’re located in Miami, FL and are hard at work at keeping the United States functioning in style. If you need design, metal stair fabrication and installation services we’re happy to help. 

Our team is heavily experienced. We’re OSHA 10 certified which means that we’re safely working at your site. Check out our projects page to see work that we have done. If you’re interested, give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you about the projects we’ve worked on. Our team respects and handles the tightest deadlines. We come to site prepared and willing to work. We often leave the site better than how we found it!

Many of our customers appreciate how much we are willing to work with them for their specific design. Our team has a passion for creating the right design for you! Contact us today for more information.



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