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We provide new installation fabrication, and metal finishing services, plus repairs and restoration. Our specialities include: apartment buildings, high rises, store fronts, club houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We work closely with Home Owners Associations and similar groups. If you’re ready for a specialist and hand railing installers for your large scale projects that require professional care, you’re ready for SGR.

#1 Hand Railing Installation in Miami Florida


When it comes to hand railings, our priority is first-class functionality, combined with stunning form. While some companies stop short of the basics, we like to consider some of the more overlooked things – like infill! Often ignored, this small detail can be the difference between a handrail that clashes with your décor, confusing the eye instead of flowing and enhancing the space. After all, it is the small details that truly make our projects stand out from the rest.

Our design team is ready to discuss your project and design a hand railing that is as safe as it is beautiful. We work with aluminum and stainless steel and a range of finishes from milled and polished, to powder-coated. From artistry to simple, indoor and out, let’s talk about what you need when it comes to hand railings and other metal fabrication services.

The Benefits of Steel Railings

There are a variety of different materials that you can build railings with. However, here at Stairs Gates Railings, we specialize in creating the highest quality steel rails on the market. Here are some of the reasons why steel railing your best bet when it comes to your clients’ new structure:

  • Durability

    • Steel is known to be extremely durable, especially in the unpredictable climate that is Florida. This is important because even during the worst storm, you can be assured that your railings will remain intact.

  • Cost-Efficient

    • Steel is made from low-cost and recycled materials, making it not only environmentally friendly, but cheap as well. Not only that, but the materials used to create steel are also lightweight, which also helps reduce the cost.

  • Recyclable

    • Like many other things made from recycled materials, steel railings themselves are able to be recycled as well. This differs from many other types of railings, as they are often not able to be recycled due to the materials used to create the railing. This results in them being simply thrown out and never used again. 

  • Aesthetic Value

    • Steel has a very distinctive look and feel that can elevate any structure instantly.  No matter what aesthetic a deck or staircase has, steel will be able to fit right in.


Hand Railing Installers


No matter how big or small your project is, the team here at Stairs Gates Railings are available to provide you with the highest quality materials on the market! We create your new railings from scratch using the best technology available in order to ensure you are getting the best steel railings around.


Hand Railing Installers




Our customers are a top priority for us. Stairs Gates Railings takes pride in assisting your needs, no matter how specific, and completing it in a timely manner. In each of our specific customized hand railing installation, we’ve worked closely with our clients in completing everything to their liking. Many of our clients have stated that we pay close attention to details and requests in order to fulfill their desires. We will work with you to make any design both effective and aesthetically pleasing to your needs.

Some of our customers have noted that we listened closely to their needs and provided our services efficiently to them, which is noted on the bottom of our Projects page. Give the page a look for examples of the kind of services and quality we can provide for you.


Navigating Section 05520

Before we get started on installing the best steel handrails for you and your complex, it is important that you understand what Section 05520 of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department standards guide entails. This section, titled Aluminum Railing, is separated into three parts:

  • General

    • This portion of the ordinance describes what contractors must do in order to ensure the best quality for the railing, as well as the process they must go through to submit their installation plans. Stairs Gates Railings will be able to make sure that this process goes by as smoothly as possible.

  • Products

    • This portion of the ordinance describes the standards that each railing must go through to make sure that it is of the highest quality. Although the ordinance surrounds mainly aluminum railings, it is stated that steel railings are permitted as long as the request is properly submitted. Stairs Gates Railings will make sure that our quality products will easily be approved.

  • Execution

    • This portion of the ordinance describes how the railings must be installed and secured. The team here at Stairs Gates Railings will be able to conduct this process as quickly and efficiently as we can.

If you are still confused over what these ordinances mean for your upcoming installation, fear not! The team here at Stairs Gates Railings can help guide you through this document and why it is so important to follow through.


Projects and Sturdiness


Concerned about our process and sturdiness? No worries! We will guide you through each step we take to make the project perfect. Want to adjust something? Just let us know. We work closely with our customers to make sure every job is done exactly how our customers desire. Our team never leaves a site without checking in with our customers. When you become a Stairs Gates Railings customer, you become a member of our family and no family member deserves to be treated to subpar service. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered efficiently and accurately.

Stairs Gates Railings makes sure our customers are happy and knowledgeable before, during, and after the process. We make sure all of our projects are top quality and sturdy, able to bear any needs that fit for the project. Take a look at some of the sturdy projects we’ve accomplished on our Projects page. We’ve included a project that we’ve provided railing solutions on, which were 7 buildings over 450 units. 

Here at SGR, we have many specialties, such as apartment buildings, high rises, storefronts, clubhouses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. No matter how big or how small of a location there is, we can work with it! Need aluminum covered walkways to provide coverage from rain and other debris? Don’t hesitate to let us know the details. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again based on your specific needs!


We understand how pricing matters to everyone. At Stairs Gates Railings, we take pride in being affordable. No matter how specific your needs are, we will curate the best and most affordable hand railing installation pricing available for you as possible. Ask us about pricing when listing your specifications and we’ll be sure to give you an estimate.


After The Project

At the end of our job, we consult with you to make sure our job is complete to the utmost perfection you desire. Don’t hesitate to tell us if your project needs any more additions or adjustments, we will work with you and get everything sorted to your liking. No matter the customization, we make sure the job is complete to all of your specifications! Nothing is too much trouble for us.

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